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Below you can download the new: 'Thinking of Breeding your Staffordshire Bull Terrier?' leaflet

Please feel free to print off and use as you wish - we need to get these leaflets out to the people who need the information - community centres, children's centres, youth centres and other community resources may be good places to leave leaflets to get them out to the widest audience. Some people have also passed leaflets on to the local dog wardens and housing officers for distribution!

If you wish, you can add details of local discounted / free neutering schemes to the bottom of the back page (this is the centre column of page one) To add information to the leaflet, download the 'editable' document  - the second one on the list below, save it to your computer, then open it and click on the column you wish to edit - hit return and then type the information you want to add.

There is a space left for adding additional information, directly underneath 'For more information visit our website - - if you find you are short on space, you can delete that line, as the web address is also on the front of the leaflet.


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The Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or Staffy is getting a lot of bad press at the moment - much of it based on myth! Here, you can find out the truth about Staffordshire Bull Terriers!

This is a new site, but stay tuned for interesting articles, stories about real Staffordshire Bull Terriers - and we guarantee - No 'Bull'!