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judith phillips
8/20/2010 17:33:00

Thank you so much for the info you are sending out hopefully it wil make a difference i have had staffies for eighteen years my babies now are six years old one fine one deaf with severe problems who my vet gave 9 months to live.
one weighs 13 kilos the other 15kilos and there height is 16 inches. I would die for them.

8/25/2010 17:49:56

Thanks so much Judith - I really hopes it makes a difference - if it makes one person reconsider breeding their dog then it is worthwhile - they are such lovely dogs, and it is so sad they are being overbred, and that as a result, so many good dogs are being destroyed. Your dogs sound lovely - and very lucky too! Enjoy them!

8/24/2011 08:54:38

Great website I love looking at all these fantastic dogs ,You can not get anything better than a Staffordshire Bull terrier . Take a minute to check out my website also http://www.knockoutstaffords.com/. Take care Melissa

6/15/2016 00:06:17

This post is full of opinions and emotionally charged words to get a certain reaction. well I'm smarter than that to know this is full of BS and never before heard of. Please stop misleading people into your maze of bull. and maybe post back up research to try and at least validate your "story"


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